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When it comes to a qualified 203k contractor, you want someone who understands the 203k loan, gives you accurate estimates, and performs quality work. All Trades is a trusted 203k loan contractor, and no matter your project size or loan type, we can handle all of your home improvement needs.

FHA 203k Loan Benefits

With a 203k loan, a homeowner or home buyer can add money to their mortgage loan to finance home repairs or improvements. The 203k benefits both borrowers and lenders by insuring a single, long-term, fixed, or adjustable rate loan covering a property’s purchase and renovations.

By taking this route, a borrower avoids the long and costly process typically associated with purchasing a home that needs repairs or updates. Moreover, the lender is protected by having the loan insured even before security can be established based on the condition and value of the home.

As a borrower of the 203k loan, you will be able to:

  • Package both home purchase and rehabilitation costs into a single mortgage.
  • Extend your renovation payments over the life of the loan rather than pay a lump sum.
  • Deduct interest you pay on the mortgage on your income taxes.
  • Avoid stress that comes with applying for a second mortgage.
  • Save time and money.

What is an FHA 203k loan?

Say you’re looking to make home remodeling updates to an outdated living space. Or, maybe you’re looking to purchase and fix up a property to meet your needs. In either scenario, the Federal Housing Administration’s 203k Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance Program could be the perfect option for you.

The FHA 203k loan is meant to help homeowners and homebuyers make repairs and improvements to their property. Unlike a standard mortgage, the 203k loan allows you to finance the purchase (or refinancing) of a home as well as home-improvement costs via a single mortgage. That way, the home improvement or repair project does not have to be complete before the loan is issued.

For more information on the FHA 203k rehab mortgage insurance, visit

FHA 203k Loan Types

FHA Standard 203k loan:

Choose the Standard 203k loan for rehabilitation projects totaling at least $5,000. This option is generally meant for bigger construction projects, although it may also cover minor improvements as long as the cost exceeds $5,000. In fact, you can finance nearly any sort of home improvement so long as it adds property value.

However, a requirement of the Standard 203k loan is that you must utilize a HUD-approved consultant, who inspects and evaluates your property’s rehabilitation.

More information on the Standard 203k loan can be found here.

FHA Limited 203k loan:

The Limited 203k loan is meant for home-improvement projects that do not involve purchasing or refinancing a property. Instead, it covers less extensive home-improvement projects, such as new carpet installation or upgrading your kitchen cabinets. Although there is no minimum spend requirement, the cap is $35,000 in repairs.

More information on the Limited 203k loan can be found here.

Why Choose All Trades?

Here at All Trades, we are well-versed in the estimating process and in working with the FHA loan process to maximize your benefits as the loan recipient. When you enlist us as your 203k contractor, we work for you. Let us help you achieve the beautiful results you are envisioning with your 203k loan!

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All Trades has proudly served Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Mercer and Middlesex Counties for more than 25 years. For a full list of the areas we service, click here.

We have a proven track record of success turning home remodeling dreams into a reality. Let us help you make the most of your house renovation loan!

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