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Master Bath Remodeling

Master baths can be complicated and technically challenging so when you’re ready to remodel here are a some things to consider to maximize your bath remodeling improvements.

First, decide what’s important to you when it comes to the shower and the tub.  Let’s first assume your typical Master Bath has both a shower and tub.  Do you need both?  Would a bigger shower over-ride the space for the tub?  Most tubs I see have drip-dry in them or are cluttered with plants and are rarely used. Worse yet, you have to step into the tub to get to the window, what a hassle.

So, here’s an idea; omit the tub, increase the shower size and add a seat in the shower.  The balance of the space could be used for a tall free-standing storage unit.  Sounds easy, right, but you’re probably wondering about re-sale, and does my Master Bath have to have a tub?  I’d say, if the bath works for you and has a grand shower and good storage, it’ll work for the next user.  Besides, do you think the coming generations will actually have more time then “us” to run a bath and soak for an hour and get on with the day or evening, I’d say no.

Conversely, if the Master Bath is very large and the caliber of your home dictates a tub then consider eliminating the type of tub that sits in a tub deck with tile all around it.  Those huge decks and tubs can take up over 30% of the bath.  Instead, opt for a free-standing tub, either a plinth type or claw foot tub.  These tubs allow for a furniture look where the tub floats in the space and take much less room.  The tub is actually more inviting and will give the space a romanic and grand appeal.  You’ll not only save on space but also on tile work and construction of the deck for the tub. Additionally, you’ll be able to access windows and wall space around the tub.

A well planned Master Bath should consist of a large shower (minimum 54″ long) preferable 60″ long so a seat can be installed.  On a side note, seats are ice cold to the bottom!  Mostly you’ll find yourself propping your leg up there to shave or wash your feet. If you must sit maybe place a towel on the seat or warm the material with a hand sprayer.

Ok, so you’ve sorted through the tub and shower versus shower only and you definitely have a shower seat.  What about the vanity and the counter top?  The most important things here will be to maximize these areas for counter space and drawer storage.  Let’s face it, the top drawers get all the use with diminishing returns on the lower ones.  Why?  Well, who wants to bend and dig for the stuff?  Worse yet, a vanity with no drawers just becomes a cabinet filled with hard-to-access primping tools!  Drawers work best, a bank for him and a bank for her, preferably three to four each.  In a Master Bath Remodel two sinks are nice as well.  When getting ready in the morning or at night, it’s nice to be able to multi-task that time together and talk and share the day ahead or evening to come.  The Master Bath should be thought of as a place to get away yet come together as you put the final touches on your self and outfit and the two sinks create a gathering area to enjoy each other’s company.

Next, counters, they come in many types of materials.  The challenge here is to balance beauty with durability.  Marble, a stunning, natural and beautiful material is soft and not very durable yet is often used in baths.  The market has tried for many years to replicate marble with man-made materials such a quartz (Cambria brand, SileStone brand, Ceasarstone brand) and the colors and designs are quite impressive.  Quartz never needs sealing and is very durable.  You’ll have to see for yourself if this material is to your liking.  Granite (which I think looks best in kitchens) is also an option, it’s durable but unlike quartz does need to be sealed so it doesn’t stain.

There’s lot’s to cover in the Master Bath and I’ve only touched on the big three: showers, vanities and counters.  Next time I’ll continue with medicine cabinets, lighting and shower accessories like rain heads and hand-held showers.

I’d like to hear your questions and challenges pertaining to your Master Bath Remodel and I’d be very interested in showing you how to get the most for your money when remodeling your Master Bath.  Call, stop in or send a request, we’re here to help at All Trades, “Your One-Stop to a more beautiful home”.