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Repair Moisture Damage Permanently

Moisture poses a serious threat to the structure and stability of your home if it gets into spaces where it doesn’t belong and soaks into wood. These spaces might be hidden from plain sight under the eaves, behind shrubbery, surrounding vents and around windows and doors concealing the problem of rotted wood. If left untreated, though, it can spread.

It is important to uncover and repair rotted wood before it compromises your home’s framework. At All Trades, our contractors are trained to find rotted wood even at its earliest stages and fix the problems that cause it, eliminating the risk it will crop up again in the future.


Repair and Protect Against Rotten Wood

All Trades professionals can provide several services to eliminate problems with rotted wood, including:

  • Repair damaged or decaying window sills and frames
  • Replace rotted wood with AZEC no-rot PVC trim or rot-resistant cedar or treated wood
  • Seal the back and edges of all wood to prevent future decay
  • Repair and replace damaged siding
  • Replace rotted doors with long-lasting, energy-efficient fiberglass entries
  • Eliminate damage from bees, woodpeckers, carpenter ants, and other pests

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Any Rotted Wood Repair of $500+

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All Trades Rotted Wood Repair Process

1. Free Initial Consultation

All Trades begins with a visit to your home at no charge. We will examine your home in the areas where you have spotted rotted wood, and also in common problem areas where we often uncover it.

2. Estimate and Examples

We will provide a detailed estimate, either during our visit or a day or so later, reporting our findings, and the work required to repair the damage and restore your home’s structural integrity. You will be invited to visit other homes where All Trades has repaired rotted wood, so you can see the quality of our workmanship first-hand.

3. Easy Scheduling and Communication

Our staff makes it easy to schedule your work, and will keep you updated on the timing and progress. You can speak with the professionals who are doing your repairs about all of the small details, ensuring clear and efficient communication.

4. Finishing Touches

All Trades’ professional painting contractors will ensure that the new materials used to replace the rotted wood are protected and blend with the original colors and style of your home. We partner with America’s premier paint companies to provide you with a variety of quality color and stain options.


New Jersey Rotted Wood Solutions

All Trades has experts who can find rotted wood, fix the problem that caused it and restore your home’s beauty and structural integrity. Entrusting our professionals to repair your rotted wood with a permanent solution will protect your investment and give you peace of mind.

Serving Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Mercer and Middlesex Counties and the greater Northwest New Jersey area, your friends at All Trades make every effort to minimize your stress and flawlessly execute the repair and replacement of rotted wood.

Did you know? We are offering remote estimates.

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