Siding & Deck Repair

Upkeep and Curb Appeal

Damaged siding or decking boards is more than an aesthetic problem—it makes your home susceptible to further damage and potentially creates unsafe conditions. Holes, dents, rust, storm damage, mold and mildew should be remediated not only to improve your home’s curb appeal, but also to protect it from the elements.

Siding Repair

The siding that covers your home’s exterior has an important job—protect your living space from precipitation, sun, wind and other elements. When your siding gets damaged due to harsh weather conditions, a rogue projectile or the like, the layer beneath it becomes exposed. It is important to repair the damage before it causes a bigger problem by allowing moisture or insects inside, leading to rotted wood.

Whether your siding is vinyl, aluminum or clapboard (wood), All Trades can repair it. Our professional contractors will patch holes or replace sections—without damaging adjacent pieces of siding. So stay off of the ladder and entrust our experts with the job.

Deck Repair

Your deck should be a place to relax or entertain, where you can be comfortable and enjoy a peaceful setting. A deck extends your living space outside the walls of your home. Damaged boards or railings detract from the ambiance, and also can jeopardize the safety of your family or guests.

The All Trades team will repair or replace damaged decking boards to restore your deck’s integrity, safety and beauty, so you can prevent splinters or injuries and admire your outdoor space. We also can refinish wooden decking boards to restore their vibrant color and seal them to protect against moisture damage. Updating your deck with maintenance-free composite material eliminates the need to stain it ever again.

New Jersey Siding and Deck Solutions

Exterior home maintenance and repair are big jobs that can require heavy lifting, ladders, special tools and a lot of elbow grease. Nevertheless, upkeep is important to protect your investment, so rely on All Trades to repair any damage to your siding or deck—and prevent bigger problems or injuries.